Ferret Tools: New Innovation in Inspection Camera Technology

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FERRET TOOLS, (formally known as The Cable Ferret company) based in Auckland New Zealand, are creating the future with new thinking and innovation in smart inspection camera technology for trades and DIY.

Ferret Tools have used their unique perspective to solve frustrating visual inspection and cabling installation and maintenance problems in a different way. 

Ferret Tools initially revolutionised the inspection camera industry by designing and launching the world's first combination compact true wireless rechargeable inspection camera and cable pulling tool. With built in WiFi hotspot, in 2018 the Ferret WiFi took the market by storm.

Its innovation and design were accoladed and the company was acknowledged globally as an innovator and leader by the electrical, cabling and trade industries last year, winning a total of x6 prestigious industry awards in both the US and the UK.

Through commitment to create new innovation and as a direct response to their Ferret Community’s needs, they are now excited to announce they have designed and engineered new technology and are launching a new Ferret Tools range.  This includes 3x new WiFi ground-breaking wireless inspection cameras bringing the ultimate in performance, innovation, functionality, and the latest technology to choose from.

With 3x new models, the Ferret Lite, Ferret Pro and Ferret Plus, the new Ferret range incorporates all the award-winning features of the globally recognised original Ferret WiFi with new product features to benefit the customer even more.   

Supporting easier and faster inspections, cable installations, maintenance and repair work the Ferret is a versatile, easy to use solution that encourages an efficient and safer work environment making it an ideal tool for every electrician, cable installer or data/telecom technician to carry in their tool pouch.

All Ferret cameras are designed and manufactured to attach to a glow rod/fish stick (it’s not tethered like a traditional borescope) and have a wireless range of up to 50’ (15m).  Link to your smart phone using the free and easy to use App to record and take video/photos providing an extra layer of functionality and convenience.

All models include these product features:

  • Built in WiFi hotspot
  • Wireless range up to 50’ (15m)
  • Inbuilt rechargeable battery
  • IP67 rated dustproof & waterproof
  • High resolution 720p HD real time streaming directly to a Apple or Android device
  • Adjustable bright white LED’s
  • Digital zoom allowing for close up viewing
  • Ferret always up viewing mode for intuitive inspections.
  • All are equipped with interchangeable hook and magnet attachments for pulling in cable or retrieving metallic objects that are difficult to reach.

Select the Ferret model with the key features that suits your requirements the best for on the job or at home.

Whether it is behind drywall, beneath floorboards, or above drop ceiling tiles, the Ferret can be used in a variety of places to help uses get the job done quickly and more efficiently.  Its versatility continues with an IP67 waterproofing rating, making it a stellar performer in damp and dusty working environments. Extend the Ferret’s reach using the fish stick adaptor which will accommodate the vast majority of fish sticks makes and models, extending its reach capability of up to 50’.

If you want a general purpose and like to keep things simple the Lite model is the ideal cost-effective solution.  If you love having the latest technology and are looking for a professional and durable inspection tool the Pro features an app controlled variable focus lens and super-fast charge and if you are someone who loves having the latest technology with all the bells and whistles the Plus offers the ultimate in inspection tool innovation with its built-in (on board) memory,  and a the world’s first non-contact voltage detector that is not limited by the reach of your arm.

Unmatched in its quality, performance, and functionality you know you have the genuine product through the Ferrets unique design, shape & functionality.

The Ferret is suitable for Electrical work, Data / Telecom, Plumbing, HVAC, Home inspections, DIY, Builders, Marine, Pest control & more.

Inspect with a Ferret.  Smart Tool.  Smart Choice.

Work Safer.  Work Smarter. Trusted by the Trade.

Find out more at www.ferrettools.com

New Innovation in Inspection Camera Technology

Products in the new Ferret Tools range include:

The Ferret Lite, is a general purpose high quality inspection camera that gives you eyes inside hard to reach location.  If you like to keep things simple and don’t need all the bells and whistles, the Ferret Lite is the ideal cost-effective solution to help on the job or at home.

The Ferret Pro, is a professional and durable inspection tool, designed and engineered with award winning features to help provide easier, faster & safer visual inspections.

The Ferret Plus brings you the ultimate innovation in inspection too technology.  Perfect for someone who loves having the latest technology with all the bells & whistles including award winning features to help work easier, faster, and safer.

The Company

Ferret Tools, based in Auckland New Zealand is an electronic design and manufacturing company,  led by the Founder and CEO Andrew Wigney who brings considerable expertise in electronic design, engineering and innovation and Therese McNaughten the  Co-Founder and VP Head of Marketing & Brand Strategy, who oversees the strategic direction of the brand for the company.

 The company is supported by a highly capable and creative and innovative global team who are committed to making an impact with designing the latest in innovation for the Trade and DIY industry.

They are passionate about designing and engineering reliable and durable innovative inspection tools for customers with the latest technology to help make work easier, faster and overall safer on the job or at home.

They have gained significant global growth, due to partnering with their Authorized Channel Partner networks in USA & Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

For more information on the Ferret Tools range of products and accessories and to see a list of our Authorized Channel Partners please visit  www.ferrettools.com or contact Therese McNaughten the VP Head of Marketing and Brand Strategy on Cell. +64 21 777 290

Ferret Tools - Innovating for the Future