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Integrated Systems Contractor Supplement Serves Readers' Changing Roles

BETHESDA, Md., March 14, 2014 — Electrical Contractor magazine has increased its low-voltage content—primarily in its Integrated Systems Contractor supplement—to reach the more than 62,700 (84 percent) of its readers now working in low-voltage systems.

Updated content supports the latest industry market research that shows electrical contractors (ECs) make specific brand decisions more than 70 percent of the time across the electrical spectrum—including security, fire, life safety, communications, lighting control, building automation and systems integration.

“Integrated Systems Contractor fills a unique content void," said Electrical Contractor Publisher John Maisel. “As the only dedicated media resource for electrical contractors in the $30 billion low-voltage systems market, it needs to continually evolve as their roles grow and change,” he said.

More than 62,700 ECs report they now design, specify, install, integrate and service fully integrated, high performance building systems in the commercial/industrial/institutional and residential markets:

- 80 percent have high or medium influence on systems design and specification
- 70 percent perform design/build work, averaging 43 percent of total firm revenue
- ECs sit earlier and more often at the design/specification table
- 46 percent of electrical design/specs are delivered incomplete; the EC finalizes
- 75 percent of electrical specs are multiple/or equal; the EC makes the final selection

Maisel said that Integrated Systems Contractor reflects three primary industry drivers, namely: the perception of a building itself has evolved—integrated, not siloed systems; how buildings are designed and delivered; and building owners' increasing demand for single-source responsibility for all systems—traditional power and low voltage.

Integrated Systems Contractor’s 2014 editorial calendar includes:

- February: Codes, Standards and Training
- April: Cabling and Connectivity
- June: System Design, Commissioning and Integration
- August: Maintenance and Service
- October: Residential Market
- December: Commercial/Industrial/Institutional Market

For more on the Integrated Systems Contractor, watch ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR's new video on ECMag Live.

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