Electrical Contractor Recharges ECMag.com

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New Website Format Features Streamlined Design, Boosted Flexibility, and Multimedia Features

          BETHESDA, MD, January 7, 2013 — Electrical Contractor magazine launched a new website at www.ecmag.com—with a streamlined design and easily searchable content to better serve its evolving industry. As partner to its monthly print publication and social media channels, the new website offers visitors and advertisers wider content, enhanced multimedia features, more intuitive searching and additional web exclusives, while retaining its best former features—including exclusive market research, a growing video library, a downloadable media kit and deep archives.
           "Our online community aims to inform and engage our industry while offering advertisers more ways to reach site visitors,” said Electrical Contractor Publisher John Maisel, whose website averages 2.4M page views per month (Webtrends).
          Electrical Contractor’s new website’s features and benefits include:

  •     ECmagLIVE: a library containing the most current videos from the magazine and advertisers
  •     All Pages: banner titles for easier navigation; increased ad space
  •     Content Format: story format allows for viewing more content on one page with larger type and more visual appeal
  •     Home Page: above-the-fold ad space for greater visibility
  •     News and Announcements: section includes press releases; pending news blog
  •     Featured Sponsors: additional ad space for industry allies
  •     Social Media Integration: continual real-time posts in a social media feed and added social sharing tools
  •     Products: redesigned section with featured Tools & Equipment plus links to product manufacturers' websites
  •     Article Options: content and pop-up surveys for real-time feedback
  •     Your Business: content dedicated to helping readers grow and improve their businesses
  •     Commenting and Interactivity: website allows readers to weigh in through comments/rate their favorite articles; they can also share through social media, email the articles, or print them
  •     Archives: articles stored by author, keyword or topics, or issue, dating back to the year 2000
  •     Editor's Picks: editors highlight certain key articles, which can be easily accessed through the home page and tagged "Editor's Picks"
  •     NECA Network: links to the NECA organizations, conventions and shows


Published by the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), Bethesda, Md., Electrical Contractor magazine delivers 83,000+ electrical contractors and more than 68,000 electrical contracting locations, more than any other industry publication. Telephone: (301) 657-3110. Web site: http//www.ecmag.com.