CleanSpark to Address Larger Markets: Empowering Utilities to Tame Solar and Wind Energy

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San Diego, Calif. (Nov. 7, 2018)—Cleanspark is taking steps to expand its customer base to utilities and T&D globally. Wind and Solar power capacity is continuing to grow rapidly; as of 2017 all renewable generation (including Hydro) was at 17%. As of March 2018 it leaped to 21%. In fact growth is accelerating, some project that by 2020 Wind and Solar energy production in the US will double to approximately to 230 Gigawatts. Utilities need to tame green energy before it overwhelms an essentially 100-year-old infrastructure. CleanSpark leverages Machine Learning powered cloud software to anticipate usage and intermittency whether the wind is blowing and the sun is shining or--not--and manage conventional baseload power autonomously as well. CleanSpark will address this growing need to use its technology, honed in the microgrid space to allow green energy storage to act as a new base load power source.

CleanSpark has proven smart-grid technology and has sold Microgrid, DER solutions and services to the US Marine Corp, US Consulate in Lebanon, and Macerich (one of the largest commercial REITs in the country), as well as colleges, factories and consulates worldwide. CleanSpark’s DER and microgrid systems are optimized via its mPulse software and controls package to collect, archive, and analyze data in real-time. CleanSpark achieved top 10 in Navigant's Microgrid controls leaderboard, beating out GE, ABB, Eaton (ETN) and Lockheed Martin (LMT).

Cleanspark can provide a complete solution, integrating electrical switch gear from Pioneer Custom Electric Product (acquisition pending Jan,1 2019) with their cloud based software. Leveraging Machine Learning to anticipate usage patterns by instructing PCEP electrical switches via their advanced microcontrollers to manage potentially scores of inputs and outputs, including bidirectional charge and discharge of multiple battery arrays. Such a compelling integrated solution should appeal to utilities by providing a brand neutral/universal battery/energy storage “on-ramp” combined with autonomous fast acting switches while reducing risk of battery technology lock in. The jury is still out on whether Lithium Ion is the solution, or if Zinc-air or Flow batteries attain primacy. In fact there could be any combination of the above and include physical storage schemes as well. Being vendor and power source agnostic, CleanSpark and PCEP can create a heterogeneous solution to best serve each utility’s different geographies, resources and capabilities.

Matt Schultz, CleanSpark's Chief Executive Officer, states: "With the acquisition of Pioneer CEP, we've secured a specialized, vendor agnostic hardware solution, which, when coupled to our proprietary adaptive controls platform, allows for a simplified business development model, ease of deployment and opportunity for rapid growth," Traditional 'hardware only' solutions will now have locally controlled, AI honed, cloud-based insights to improve energy-security, cyber-security and economic optimization."