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Atkore International Announces Expanded Electrical Offering Available Through PRESSCO Electrical Agency 

March 11, 2020

HARVEY, Ill.-- Atkore International Group Inc (NYSE: ATKR) announces an expanded offering of its electrical solutions available through the PRESSCO Electrical Agency for the Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada markets. 

PRESSCO is a high-performing representative agency that joined the Atkore sales network in February 2020. In addition to cable, metal conduit, and PVC conduit marketed under the AFC Cable Systems® and Allied Tube & Conduit® leading brands, PRESSCO now also represents Power-Strut®, Konkore Fittings® and the ACS/Uni-Fab™ solutions. 

“We are proud to have PRESSCO represent Atkore with an expanded portfolio of solutions. They recognize the value that Atkore provides within the electrical industry, and we’re pleased to utilize PRESSCO’s distribution expertise to deliver an exceptional customer experience,” commented Melissa Kidd, Atkore Senior Vice President of Sales. 

Atkore International Announces PRESSCO Electrical Agency as New Sales Agent for Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada Markets

February 14, 2020

HARVEY, Ill.-- Atkore International Group Inc (NYSE: ATKR) on February 10, 2020, announced the addition of PRESSCO Electrical Agency as its new sales agent representative for the Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada markets.

PRESSCO, a new agency with in-depth knowledge of Atkore brands, is excited to grow sales in the Arizona and Las Vegas markets. Staffed with seasoned employees that have experience in the distribution and electrical landscapes, PRESSCO will meet and exceed industry expectations.

“PRESSCO is proud to represent Atkore in the Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada markets. Our experience in distribution, along with our value-based culture, makes us a good fit for Atkore.  We have an advantage in the market by servicing our customers with the most extensive electrical product offering, and an unparalleled co-loading program.  We are very excited to be a part of the Atkore family.” – Jeff Hoyt, Principal PRESSCO

According to Melissa Kidd, Atkore Senior Vice President of Sales, “As we strive to provide the best customer experience in this market, we are excited to bring PRESSCO’s expertise in distribution, and shared understanding of contractor needs. They have what it takes to deliver excellence, and we're excited to add talent to our portfolio of high-performing representative agencies.”


Jeff Hoyt: Principal

Jeff has 30 years of electrical distribution experience and has successfully managed branches, districts and international locations in the commercial, industrial, utility, data-com and solar markets.

Vicki Hehr: Operations Manager/Inside Sales

Vicki has been a proven leader in distribution for 25 years and has worked for Atkore customers partners in the Portland and Salt Lake districts.   

About Atkore International

Atkore delivers a unique portfolio of integrated electrical raceway solutions that deploy, isolate and protect a structure’s electrical circuitry from source to outlet.  With 4,000 employees and 66 manufacturing and distribution facilities worldwide, we meet our customers’ needs by providing unmatched quality, delivery and value across a robust product line that includes steel, PVC and aluminum conduit, armored cable and flexible conduits, metal framing, wire baskets, cable trays and other complementary products including fittings and mechanical pipe.

For more information, contact Jeff Hoyt, Principal.