Mark A. Green

Freelance Writer

Mark Green entered the industry a little over 33 years after graduating with a Associates Degree from a local junior college in architectural technology. He started as a draftsman and worked his way up to Chief Estimator. He has estimated and managed many projects in areas of municipal, private, commercial, industrial and transportation.

In 2008, when he found himself out of a job, he decided to go back to school and acquire his four-year degree. He chose DePaul University over other for-profit schools because he wanted to obtain a strong academic foundation.  While at DePaul University, he focused on business communication with an emphasis on renewable energy. In a position as chief estimator, he recognized the importance of providing effective proposals to new and established clients and decided to find ways to make them better while at DePaul University.

Mark lives in the southwest suburbs of Chicago (Bolingbrook, Ill.). He and his wife have two children; one in college and one in high school. He is a muscle car fan and enjoys gardening and staying fit.

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