Legrand: Where is 'High Performance' for Buildings Headed?

The High Performance Building (HPB) landscape is moving beyond simply "green" to encompass a broader range of attributes, such as healthy, productive, and even "resilient"—reflecting a growing attention to the status of the building occupant, not just the building itself. While a significant evolution, there remains a gap between the full aspiration for what constitutes a "high performance" building and the performance considerations that are reflected in the range of building performance mechanisms on the market today, most of which are still heavily weighted toward sustainability and energy efficiency. There are encouraging signs that influential organizations in the building community see, and are acting upon, an opportunity to bring more coherence to what can be a complex environment for the building owner. There is also great potential to accelerate the advancement of HPBs, and the greater economic, social, and environmental value they can generate, through proactive dialogue on the performance gap and the avenues to close it.