September Issue 2009


The design/build approach to construction management has been hailed as a boon to both...

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| September 2009
Provisions in article 220 are few in number compared to the total number of provisions in the National Electrical Code (NEC) book.

| September 2009
Last month, we covered the processes of site power quality (PQ) benchmark or compliance audits and facilitywide energy surveys.

| September 2009
For some innovations, such as calculators and computers, the key to success was in finding a way to make things smaller.

| September 2009
Its recent problems notwithstanding, California continues to light a path to the rest of the nation for policy change.

| September 2009
The National Electrical Manufacturers Association’s index for incandescent lamps registered a reading of 59.4 for the second quarter of 2009, which is essentially unchanged fr