September 2012: NECA Show Issue Las Vegas


Service work provides a vital revenue stream for electrical contractors. To optimize the value...

The 2014 National Electrical Code (NEC) development process is in full swing with the...

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| September 2012
A contractor asked me to inspect the grounding and bonding of a service that he installed for a customer.

| September 2012
From talking to electrical contractors lately, I know it’s still tough to get profitable work in the current economy.

| September 2012
Always a leader in renewable power and new technology, the Golden State has taken another step to make sure it stays out in front.

| September 2012
Siemens announced it has received a multimillion dollar order from Ansaldo Honolulu, a joint venture, to electrify the track for the new Honolulu rail transit system.

| September 2012
One of renewable energy sources’ biggest challenges is the intermittency of power generation.