October 2013: Emerging Markets


In society’s ongoing quest for a more sustainable energy future, there is always room for...

Service panel makeup

Charlie Trout, author of Code FAQs and Code Question of the Day, has retired. 

Modular data centers

In this digital world, we’re never far from our smartphones and tablets. Shopping on the...

It hasn’t been easy to live in Connecticut the last couple years. First Hurricane Irene...

Ben Franklin already knew enough about grounding to keep the portion of the kite string...

Net-zero energy buildings produce as much energy as they consume over the course of a...

Part I of this series reviewed some Code-wide revisions and some of the significant changes...

CribMaster's PROTOid label

Large or small, electrical contracting companies have a significant investment in tools. To protect that...

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| October 2013
Like most contractors, you probably keep busy trying to sell and install what you know best, struggling to provide the low bid to get the work.

Preventing RSI

| October 2013
I know, you’ve probably been hearing about ergonomics ever since they started applying the word to office workers.

| October 2013
Last month, I showed you how to calculate the return on your investment in human capital—the knowledge, skills and experience of your people.

| October 2013
If energy markets are a zero-sum game, then renewables’ gains are a loss to any of the other forms of energy that they displace. In this case, the losers are fossil fuels.

| October 2013
It will be easy to get exactly what you want in the 24th century. Just speak clearly into the Replicator. Then, after a two-second whirl, there’s your “Tea. Earl Grey.