October 2010: NEC Changes


It seems like the NFPA Standards Council just approved the 2008 National...

Buildings in the United States are responsible for 39 percent of CO2 emissions...

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| October 2010
In August, the new Greenway Self Park garage in downtown Chicago was dedicated.

| October 2010
Advances in technology are changing the way the world lights itself. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are becoming more common in the lighting industry.

| October 2010
To integrate building systems for sustainability, you have to consider people as the most important node in the system.

| October 2010
The majority of premises fiber optic cables use multimode fiber.

| October 2010
“As far as we know, this is the largest hydrogen fuel cell system ever put into service,” said Guy McAree, spokesman for Ballard Power Systems, the manufacturer of the 1-mega