November Issue 2009


Located on Piers 59 and 60 overlooking Elliot Bay, the historic Seattle Aquarium receives...

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| November 2009
One of the ways a building’s energy consumption can be reduced, as part of an energy management plan, is to incorporate a heat-recovery system, which intercepts waste gases b

| November 2009
Residential customers of FirstEnergy Corp.’s Ohio utility operating companies will receive two compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) through a company program designed to reduce el

| November 2009
Waiting for the economy to rebound can be highly stressful for an electrical contractor, and one way to reduce that stress is to step back and gain perspective on your financ

| November 2009
Idaho residents now enjoy the lowest average electric rates in the country when they tied with Wyoming in May 2009 at $6.02 per kilowatt-hour.