November Issue 2008


For electrical service technicians and their firms, it may be time to retire the...

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| November 2008
This trade depends on National Electrical Code compliance, especially where it involves device placement and connectivity.

| November 2008
Here's the fourth part of a series reviewing the most popular questions that have appeared in NECA’s online Code Question of the Day and have generated the most comments from

| November 2008
You may have seen the impact of the residential bubble blowout on your local market, and if you’re like a lot of electricians who rely on residential projects, your business

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| November 2008
The Category 6A copper cable specification (TIA 568-B.2-10) has been issued. Have you installed the new standard yet? Do you know why a customer would want it?

| November 2008
Emergency circuits are installed in patient bed locations in general care and critical care areas in hospitals to ensure power is available to electrical equipment even where