November Issue 2007


Need a tool you don't have, and need it now? Chances are it’s available...

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| November 2007
According to Contractor Magazine, both houses of Congress have passed measures that would divide the United States into zones and mandate different federal energy-efficiency s

| November 2007
Members of a workshop I instructed on the National Electrical Code (NEC) asked me how to determine the ampacities of conductors based on how they are used in the electrical s

| November 2007
Electrical contractors find themselves in a wide range of locations, and many locations can present environmental hazards.

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| November 2007
Today's electrical contractors (ECs) are capitalizing on the ever-increasing opportunities presented in installing generators for residential use.

| November 2007
The drive toward high performance buildings demands the integration of diverse building systems that were not previously required to interact with one another.