November Issue 2006


Don’t fall asleep at the wheel of your business


The man behind the curtain is you

The Wizard of Oz tells the story...

Backup power for commercial/industrial/institutional (CII) facilities

On June 10, 2006, the power...

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| November 2006
ACCORDING TO A RECENT PUBLIC OPINION poll conducted for the Nuclear Energy Institute, nearly seven of 10 Americans favor nuclear energy, and 68 percent support building a new

| November 2006
As of yesterday, December 5, there are approximately 180,000 Electrical Utility Ameren customers still without power in the midwest due to a massive ice storm that occurred la

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| November 2006
Phantom power produces dim lights during power outage During the heat wave that gripped the Northeast this past July, increased air conditioning use strained the electrical sy

| November 2006
The District of Columbia City Council passed a bill on December 5 to require private developers to follow the standards of the U.S.