November 2013: Tools and Equipment


As the economic recovery continues and the construction market picks up, electrical contractors will have...

On the job site, it’s always been about having the right tools and equipment. This...

No data communications project is complete until multiple tests confirm that it will meet the...

One of Mayfair Mall's two identical vintage 1957 Allis Chalmers 1,200A, 35-kV oil circuit breakers.

The mall’s electrical service, located in the basement and installed in 1957, was graded as...

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), also known as the Affordable Care Act...

“Warehouse lighting projects are always financially driven,” said Brandon North, 
service manager, Commonwealth Electric Co.,...

This article is a continuation of a concise and complete review of some of the...

Coast Products' 309-lumen HL27 LED headlamp has an expandable Z cord in the headband with a battery pack built into the light.

Who doesn’t like gadgets? The idea for this report began with the premise that electricians...

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, Megger NET200 network performance tester, Fluke Versiv tester, Ideal Signal Tek II network qualifier
| November 2013
No data communications project is complete until multiple tests confirm that it will meet the network plan’s specifications and building owner’s expectations.

| November 2013
Mistakes happen, and there are plenty of opportunities to make them when performing an arc flash calculation study.

| November 2013
On the job, many electricians, linemen, wiremen and other construction-related workers will encounter or use a pneumatic-powered tool at some point.

| November 2013
A Domino’s Pizza outlet in Dover, N.J., secured a place in energy history when it recently completed the most 
energy-efficient restaurant lighting retrofit in the world.

| November 2013
As the nation continues to embrace alternative energy sources, the challenge of distribution becomes more pronounced.