November 2011: Tools & Equipment


Whether we like it or not, and regardless of our individual technical expertise, we live in the hour

James Strange III, vice president of Louisville, Ky.-based Advanced Electrical Systems Inc., first b

Large-scale, highly visible projects come along every so often for contractors.

Smart phones and tablet computers enable on-the-go access to information and key applications, espec

The evolution of Basic tool types occurs slowly (think screwdrivers and measuring tapes).

Six years ago, I wrote, “[estimating] software technology is not going to dramatically change” (“Sma

Videos of Asian carp in rivers near the Great Lakes have gone viral.

I only have 1,200 words to tell you as much as I can about some of the best estimating software prog

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November 2011
The holiday season is supposed to be a time of good cheer. American culture has evolved to embrace the closing of each year as a celebration of the values we each hold dear. READ MORE
November 2011
When founded in 1987 by Wayne Tyrell, Prime Electric Inc. (Bellevue, Wash.) concentrated on small electrical service projects and in-plant installations. READ MORE
November 2011
Despite the worldwide effort to wean itself off of fossil fuels and reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases, a daunting challenge remains. READ MORE
November 2011
Extech Instruments, makers of handheld test and measurement tools, recently donated more than $40,000 worth of handheld test equipment to vocational, technical and science pr READ MORE
November 2011
Dirt is the biggest problem in using fiber optics. READ MORE


November 2011