November 2010: Tool Trends


Not so long ago, electric vehicles (EVs) were seen as just another environmental...

Even though reduced volumes of work have lowered the demand for tools...

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| November 2010
A power quality problem, according to the Power Quality Service Center, Portland, Ore., is defined as any deviation of electricity applied to the equipment that results in da

| November 2010
A new study shows the growth of the green building movement in the United States is quickly propelling the adoption of building information modeling (BIM) software.

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| November 2010
Insulation testers are instruments every electrician should have in the tool bag.

| November 2010
The road from potential to actual is often long, winding and windy.

| November 2010
Solar power in an aerosol can? If recent advancements are any indication, the solar industry may be getting close. It’s the nature of renewable-power industries to innovate.