May 2010: Counterfeit Products: Find the Fake


The adage, “the best defense is a good offense,” is not just good...

Electrical contractors and electricians have shared responsibilities regarding safety in the work...

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| May 2010
On the job, We pay close attention to numerous electrical safety basics. This is a good thing. Unfortunately, we seem to forget all about many of these once we get home.

| May 2010
Duke Energy, Charlotte, N.C., is offering coupons for energy-efficient compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) to its customers in North Carolina and South Carolina to help them sav

| May 2010
I visited with a contractor friend’s engineer and electrician who were assigned to inspect a number of existing manholes on the property of a large industrial site.

| May 2010
The Fiscal year 2011 budget President Barack Obama released in February contains more than 100 potential tax changes, many of which may affect your business.

| May 2010
Would you like to know a little secret about how to simplify an arc flash calculation study? Perform the study backward. Well, not actually backward, it just seems that way.