March Issue 2009


With a residential market in search of a pulse, finding opportunities is daunting at...

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| March 2009
Three years after Hurricane Rita, while electrical contractors in southern Texas were still repairing and replacing damaged electrical systems, Hurricane Ike surged into Galv

| March 2009
Many are aware that electrical equipment arcing and sparking -can cause chemical atmospheres (gases, vapors and dusts) to ignite.

| March 2009
Energy-efficiency programs in the United States could realistically reduce the rate of growth for electricity consumption by 22 percent over the next two decades if key barrie

| March 2009
The Energy Policy Act of 2005 created the Commercial Buildings Deduction (CBD), an incentive consisting of an accelerated tax deduction rewarding investment in energy-efficie

| March 2009
With distributed sources, there can be a mix of grid-connected and grid-independent sources. For example, take the combination of photovoltaic sources in this figure.