March Issue 2009


With a residential market in search of a pulse, finding opportunities is daunting at...

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| March 2009
There is no better place to plant the seeds for the expanded use of renewable power by future generations than in a school environment.

| March 2009
In last month's column, I mentioned that I admire John C. Maxwell.

| March 2009
ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR and TED magazines are hosting a free, one-hour Webinar on counterfeit electrical products on April 14, 2009, at noon, EDT. Registration is free.

| March 2009
Overeaters aren't the only ones who want to slim down. Renewable power is about doing more with less.

| March 2009
Three years after Hurricane Rita, while electrical contractors in southern Texas were still repairing and replacing damaged electrical systems, Hurricane Ike surged into Galv