March 2015: Residential


Our Houses—or, at least, the houses of the tech-savviest among us—are getting closer to running...

In the new reality of resilient construction, there may be no place like home. According...

The term “baby boomer” refers to Americans born between 1946–1964, when the United States experienced...

One of the many advantages 
smart meters were intended to bring to electric utilities and...

In New York, the damage was less than anticipated, and residents, as well as the...

General lighting in a living room should fill the space with a subtle warm glow to make it feel inviting and comfortable. The general lighting can be a visual element to personalize the space, such as a chandelier, or blend in with the architecture, such as recessed downlights.

Residential interior lighting is as much art as science. A good residential lighting design is...

Compact Bosch lithium-ion 12V reciprocating saw

Construction in most trades uses saws to cut off and cut through various materials, and...

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| March 2015
Since 1978, many politicians have won seats in Congress with a little help from NECA.

| March 2015
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 25 people are killed and many others are injured each year in accidents involving aerial lifts.

| March 2015
As the electrical industry fully 
embraces the digital age, the needs of utilities and other large equipment users have been transformed.

| March 2015
Its golden arches have become one of the most recognizable and ubiquitous logos in the world, and, every day, millions of customers enter a McDonald’s restaurant for a quick m

| March 2015
Few political conflicts are more emblematic of congressional dysfunction than the Keystone XL pipeline project.