March 2014: Residential


Despite the fact that the US Census Bureau reported, at the end of 2013, that...

Not many things can shut down an organization’s operations faster and more completely than a...


About three years ago, security service providers started offering smart security solutions complete with professionally...

Social media made news last year. According to Pew Research Center’s December “Social Media Update...

It’s a complicated time to be an electricity-generating company in the United States. Volatility in...

The idea that employee attitudes affect work performance is not new. Management professor Frederick Herzberg’s...

Eaton’s Power Xpert multipoint meter

Although submeters have long enabled building owners, multiresidential property managers and facility managers to better...

Burndy offers a selection of battery-powered cutting and crimping tools.

As hand tools evolved, they have made some routine manual tasks easier with the incorporation...

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| March 2014
After years of low compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) and limited innovation, the home security market is finally evolving with new and affordable security control products,

| March 2014
In this third part of my series on the most common power quality phenomena, I group several IEEE 1159 categories together under the general description of “distortion.” Though

| March 2014
Americans plan to switch to more energy-efficient lighting technologies as a result of the federally mandated legislation aimed at increasing efficiency standards.

| March 2014
During my career, I’ve learned a lot about things that are not exactly estimating but are closely related.

Square-shaped light signals are sent through an optical fiber for enhanced data throughput., Scientists Camille Bres and Luc Thevenaz
| March 2014
Optical fibers transmit data in the form of light pulses, and they are becoming a go-to solution for transmitting data thousands of miles at incredible speeds.