March 2014: Residential


Despite the fact that the US Census Bureau reported, at the end of 2013, that housing starts had inc

Not many things can shut down an organization’s operations faster and more completely than a power o


About three years ago, security service providers started offering smart security solutions complete

Social media made news last year.

It’s a complicated time to be an electricity-generating company in the United States.

The idea that employee attitudes affect work performance is not new.

Eaton’s Power Xpert multipoint meter

Although submeters have long enabled building owners, multiresidential property managers and facilit

Burndy offers a selection of battery-powered cutting and crimping tools.

As hand tools evolved, they have made some routine manual tasks easier with the incorporation of sma

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March 2014
In a technology-driven era, 
scientists are always trying to find new and more efficient ways to harness power. The quest places no limits on the imagination. READ MORE
March 2014
In this third part of my series on the most common power quality phenomena, I group several IEEE 1159 categories together under the general description of “distortion.” Though READ MORE
System upgrades, short-circuit current

March 2014
It goes up. It goes down. Sometimes, it is thought to be infinite (although it isn’t), and other times, it seems impossible to find. READ MORE
March 2014
Lack of information has long been cited as a reason why homeowners do not invest in energy conservation, efficiency or management retrofit measures. READ MORE
March 2014
In the discussion of solar power’s potential, proponents often cite the claim that enough solar energy hits the Earth’s surface in one hour to power the world for one year. READ MORE


March 2014