March 2012: Residential


“If you’re not in the room, why are the lights on?” my mom used...

“When one door closes, another opens,” Alexander Graham Bell said. Sometimes, however, we...

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| March 2012
In a recent breakthrough, researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have made great strides into what could be the future of solar power.

| March 2012
As the generating capacity of renewable power grows, so does the need for a greater transmission system to carry the load.

| March 2012
The term “working distance” appears 20 times in the 2012 Edition of NFPA 70E, the Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace. It appears 12 more times in the annexes.

| March 2012
As a result of growing demand for alternative energy in Illinois and Missouri, Pyramid Electrical Contractors Inc. in Fairview Heights, Ill., and St.

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| March 2012
Selecting the correct size conductor is not a difficult task, but there is more to it than just picking a conductor from Table 310.15(B)(16) in the National Electrical Code (