March 2010: Residential Special Report


In February 2010, two record-breaking, back-to-back snowstorms pounded the Mid-Atlantic region.

Homeowners have often dreamed of small-scale devices that can be installed on their roofs to provid

The second annual Osram Sylvania (Danvers, Mass.) Socket Survey reveals a paradox in Americans’ atti

Electrical contractors and independent wiring companies have been installing communication wiring in

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March 2010
Already a trendsetter among states in the national movement to combat climate change, California has taken another bold step to help solidify that reputation. On Jan. READ MORE
March 2010
Powerline Control Systems (PCS) is offering three different kinds of universal powerline bus (UPB) training: online videos and Webinars and hands-on classes. READ MORE
March 2010
Traditionally, when electrical contractors (ECs) needed supervisors to manage work crews and serve as their company’s contact person on work sites, they promoted their best jo READ MORE
March 2010
Until the economic collapse of 2008, the residential solar market was doubling every year, according to Don Sipes, director of solar product development for Sunovia Energy Te READ MORE
March 2010
Just about anyone working on a job site, as well as most do-it-yourselfers, has experienced an injury caused by a hand tool. READ MORE


March 2010