June Issue 2008


Until May 2007, the town of Greensburg was a rural county seat in western...

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| June 2008
I was planning to continue writing my IBS columns on how to integrate the various building technologies, but my visit to this year’s LightCongress in New York exposed me to s

| June 2008
There is a special type of project—one that doesn’t come along every day—that requires the full-time presence and undivided attention of a permanent on-site project manager (

| June 2008
Robbery is a serious offense commonly associated with crimes of violence by the FBI.

| June 2008
Those who have followed the solar photovoltaics (PV) industry for the last 15 years or more can be excused for feeling a tad skeptical about current claims that now the indust

| June 2008
Approximately 200 electric linemen throughout Georgia displayed their skills during the 14th annual Georgia Lineman’s Rodeo, May 3, 2008, at the Georgia National Fairgrounds a