June 2014: Cabling & Controls


For roughly a century, electrical contractors (ECs) have used copper or aluminum wiring. Their coexistence...

Once known as demand-side management, the implementation of products and practices designed to modify electricity...


As with any project, a communications cabling project requires comprehensive management. Project management for cabling...

The changing role of technology

The United States’ 114 million households and more than 4.7 million commercial buildings currently account...

Don’t leave savings on the table

When commissioning a high-performance building, one element of lighting control is sometimes left out: the...

Gardner Bender's Ultra Brutus 10,000-pound cable puller

It is difficult to imagine wiring a large commercial project without using an electrically powered...

Dr. Thomas E. Glavinich passed away after a lengthy battle with cancer on Sunday, April...


Efficient electric energy storage (EES) has always been both technically challenging and expensive, like capturing...

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A buoyant airborne turbine is deployed at an Altaeros test site in Maine.
| June 2014
Since wind force is stronger the higher you go, wind power generation increases 
with altitude.

| June 2014
A recent study by Allied Market Research found that the global smart home and buildings market is expected to grow at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 29.5 percent be

| June 2014
At a time when almost everyone and everything seems to be connected, it may be hard to imagine that the benefits of the digital age have not touched every corner of society.

| June 2014
With all the hype 
surrounding sustainable energy, it would be easy to assume the transition to alternative-energy practices has the momentum it needs to carry itself forward.

| June 2014
Times are changing for the electrical contractor (EC). The trend even affects the basics.