June 2012: Green Building Special Report


You’ve heard the claims: This product will save electrical energy! If you install this...

Thus far, the structure and integrity of the grid have limited the deployment and...

After engineer David Kaneda’s firm moved into its own self-designed zero-energy building, an analysis...

For years, the United States has been looking for ways to end its addiction...

Everyone is selling something, whether it’s a physical product or an intangible, such as...

In this column, I analyze the energy opportunities identified in previous articles from a...

The original intent of this month’s column was to discuss fiber use in...

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| June 2012
Participants at one of my recent workshops had questions pertaining to reverse-fed transformers (back-fed).

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| June 2012
It never fails. Five minutes before the end of the workday on Friday, the phone rings.

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| June 2012
When sizing conductors, more is involved than just looking at Table 310.15(B)(16) in the National Electrical Code (NEC) and selecting a copper or aluminum conductor with the

| June 2012
A few months ago, I was driving home from the Los Angeles area and suddenly found myself surrounded by thousands of wind turbines lining both sides of Interstate 10.

| June 2012
After much technical discussion in Code-Making Panel 4 and an appeal to the NFPA Standards Council, the requirements for a new product involving photovoltaic (PV) installatio