June 2012: Green Building Special Report


You’ve heard the claims: This product will save electrical energy! If you install this...

Thus far, the structure and integrity of the grid have limited the deployment and...

After engineer David Kaneda’s firm moved into its own self-designed zero-energy building, an analysis...

For years, the United States has been looking for ways to end its addiction...

Everyone is selling something, whether it’s a physical product or an intangible, such as...

In this column, I analyze the energy opportunities identified in previous articles from a...

The original intent of this month’s column was to discuss fiber use in...

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| June 2012
Greenlee, genoa, Ill., has launched a new mobile marketing program for its power tool accessory products with the introduction of three new vans.

| June 2012
Sometimes I wonder if contractors read NFPA 72 2010, the National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code, when they decide to begin installing a fire alarm system.

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| June 2012
At a recent industry meeting, manufacturers complained that installers were testing fiber optic cable plants incorrectly.

| June 2012
With regard to using submetering practices and smart meters to save energy, the old adage, “What gets measured gets done,” requires the qualifier, “only if someone does it.” N

| June 2012
Competitive environments breed innovation and evolution, and California, with the most stringent energy-efficiency goals of all the United States, establishes many trends.