June 2010: Green Building Special Report


Even during the Recession, the alternative-energy market has remained strong, either holding its...

As an autumn sunset faded from the Waukon Municipal Airport in October 2009,...

While the wind and sun grab most of the headlines about renewable power,...

Even in the face of an extremely challenging economy, green building continues...

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June 2010
Sometimes with category-rated unshielded twisted-pair or coax copper cabling, we get so absorbed in the testing of high-frequency specifications, such as attenuation and cros READ MORE
June 2010
Recently, i witnessed an electrical inspector and a group of electricians discussing the effectiveness of the bonding and grounding path where raceway fittings are used to con READ MORE
June 2010
Amalgam technology, fairly common among plug-in compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), is now available in linear T5HO, T5VHO and T8VHO fluorescent lamps, making fluorescent light READ MORE
June 2010
Often while instructing a workshop, I receive the question about how design letters and code letters are used when designing and installing motor circuits. READ MORE
June 2010
If you have a problem related to the National Electrical Code (NEC), are experiencing difficulty in understanding a Code requirement, or are wondering if or why such a requir READ MORE


June 2010