July 2010: The 2010 Profile of the Electrical Contractor


Only eight weeks after having undergone heart surgery, comedian Robin Williams was a...

Every other year, ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR conducts a survey of its readers to provide...

Rock reduction plants, which process rock into products such as cement or sand,...

One of the first things you discover when reading NFPA 72 (2010),...

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| July 2010
The optical loss of a fiber optic cable plant is the most common measurement installers make.

| July 2010
While small-scale, customer-owned power generation could prove to be a vital launching pad for the renewable-power revolution, the lack of uniform standards has delayed lifto

| July 2010
With the sweeping changes planned for the nation’s generation and consumption of power, energy efficiency is considered to hold some of the greatest potential for a large-sca

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| July 2010
The flood of information being generated, stored and transmitted over the Internet has created a massive demand for new data centers.

| July 2010
The 6,800-foot bridge over New York’s Hudson River dates back more than a century when it served as the Poughkeepsie-Highland Railroad Bridge. It now is used as a walkway.