July 2010: The 2010 Profile of the Electrical Contractor


Only eight weeks after having undergone heart surgery, comedian Robin Williams was a...

Every other year, ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR conducts a survey of its readers to provide...

Rock reduction plants, which process rock into products such as cement or sand,...

One of the first things you discover when reading NFPA 72 (2010),...

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| July 2010
For most contracts, a contractor’s application for final payment must be accompanied by final waivers of lien and verified statements that all amounts due are accounted for.

| July 2010
As the electric grid develops to incorporate renewable generation, more robust transmission and smart meters, utilities are beginning to work on the final segment of delivery

| July 2010
New York City’s dense urban landscape is populated with more than a million buildings that annually consume $15 billion in energy and generate 75 percent of the city’s carbon

| July 2010
While small-scale, customer-owned power generation could prove to be a vital launching pad for the renewable-power revolution, the lack of uniform standards has delayed lifto

| July 2010
I’m often asked technical questions about copper and fiber optic cabling. The majority are about problems troubleshooting cabling systems or networks.