January Issue 2009


At a time when things could not look much worse economically, there is...

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| January 2009
American Electric Power (AEP) is evaluating the feasibility of building a multistate, extra-high-voltage transmission project across the northern Midwest to support the develo

| January 2009
Several times recently, someone has asked why two different instruments reported the same values for watts (W) and volt-amperes (VA), but they don’t show the same values for

| January 2009
For early adopters of building information modeling (BIM), it is the standard way to conduct business. Some see it as a future for building design and construction.

| January 2009
In 2002, responding to the consequences of continual updates in communications cable, the National Electrical Code (NEC) added a provision requiring the removal of abandoned c

| January 2009
Example 1: During a push to get a new department store finished, the owner changes lighting layouts. He also decides to expand a storage area.