January 2015: Construction Outlook


Enough pauses. We are finally in the midst of a sustained recovery. Fundamentals are strong....

How do companies figure the cost of doing business? The answer is complicated for electrical...

According to the Consortium for Energy ­Efficiency’s 2013 State of the Efficiency Program Industry report,...

Hardt at his Chicago-area offices

Forty-one years ago, when David A. Hardt sat down with his brother Bill and a...

Drilling holes is a routine task for electricians, and few electrical contractors (ECs) go to...

Tons of excitement preceded the 2014 neca show in Chicago. For many exhibitors and attendees,...

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| January 2015
I set out on a new journey when I officially became president of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) on Jan.

| January 2015
Moving materials around a work site is part of everyday life for an electrician or wireman.

| January 2015
In the pursuit of technological innovation and alternative-energy sources, California has a well-established reputation as a pioneer.

| January 2015
As clean energies go, comparatively unglamorous natural gas doesn’t get the attention of its flashier cohorts, but a new project in Leesburg, Va., may soon be one of the clean

| January 2015
In the movement toward greater energy efficiency, buildings have been identified as one of the biggest targets.