January 2014: Construction Outlook


If the 2013 economy were a horse race, it often trotted more than galloped.


Winners of Showstopper Awards at the 2013 NECA Show in Washington, D.C., r­epresent a broad...

The current economic climate in Washington, D.C., is uncertain at best. Last minute approval of...

An easy workflow delivers informative rendered results for an exterior site in AGi32

From simple apps for mobile devices that store product data, to more sophisticated, computer-based software...

A section of the tunnel from the back of the TBM

The city of Columbus, Ohio, has a problem. For years, untreated wastewater has overflowed from...

The drive to use technology to improve productivity and efficiency is not limited to factories...

On a similar plane, the evolution of digital technology has transformed almost every aspect of...

Studies increasingly show effective lighting promotes worker productivity and satisfaction.

Lighting strategies to optimize worker performance are alive and well. 
In fact, the correlation between...

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| January 2014
In the realm of public transportation and dwindling governmental financial support, efficiency has become key.

| January 2014
Much of the attention in energy efficiency is focused on changing consumer behavior. Las Vegas has taken that action one step further and decided to lead by example.

| January 2014
There is no shortage of hype and futuristic rhetoric when it comes to the innovation that is taking place these days in the field of energy technology.

| January 2014
J Ranck Electric Incorporated, an electrical contractor based in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, recently completed a project that installed a 913-solar-panel power system at Chicag

| January 2014
In the new world order of 
energy, change is one of the guiding principles.