January 2013: Construction Outlook


With doom and gloom being the predominant message regarding U.S.

While Congress is preoccupied with sorting out financial issues, President Obama’s re-election is no

The National Electrical Code requires that cabling must be removed if it isn’t properly tagged for f

In 2012, you could have felt hopeful about the economy on any given day.

In October, 20 exhibitors at the 2012 NECA Show in Las Vegas received Showstopper awards.

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January 2013
The handheld power hammer drill is a basic electrician’s tool that is two drills in one—a conventional drill for working in wood and soft materials and a hammer drill for dril READ MORE
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January 2013
With doom and gloom being the predominant message regarding U.S. manufacturing these last few years, it’s somewhat surprising to hear news of optimism in that sector lately. READ MORE
January 2013
President Obama recently signed H.R. READ MORE
January 2013
Let’s look back on the topics my column has covered over the past year and test your understanding. My answers to these questions appear at the end of this column.
January 2013
Although the 2013 edition of the National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code contains 15 chapters and nine annexes, I find many contractors, designers and authorities having jurisd READ MORE


January 2013