January 2012: The Construction Outlook


Energy projects currently underway across the United states reflect several trends—new construction in...

The U.S. Veterans Administration (VA) provides healthcare, disability benefits, pensions, home loans, life insurance...

Leading construction experts and economists are certain about one thing in construction right...

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| January 2012
A new year has begun. A lot of old challenges remain, and new ones are sure to emerge.

| January 2012
It’s not often in the United States that something can generate widespread, near unanimous support, and even less likely for it to completely ignore political party lines.

| January 2012
As the popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) begins to grow, so will the opportunities for electrical contractors. In fact, the two are a natural pairing.

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| January 2012
Electrical Contractor magazine, the leading publication in the power and integrated building systems market, is pleased to announce Integrated Systems Contractor, a supplement