January 2010: The Construction Outlook


We are sure to see an overall enforcement campaign that addresses ergonomics and more....

Leading construction experts and economists agree that the economy is emerging from its deepest...

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| January 2010
Virginians are saving about 1 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity through Dominion Virginia Power’s compact- fluorescent lamp (CFL) instant discount program.

| January 2010
The Smart Grid is one of those intangible concepts now a fixture in national energy vernacular.

| January 2010
The Aug. 14, 2003, Northeast blackout pointed out a major weakness in the grid-monitoring system.

| January 2010
When pundits offer statistics in support of their opinions, it is hard to know whether to trust the numbers; economics and finance are difficult enough to navigate without su

| January 2010
Who: Sun River Electric Service Inc., Kennewick, Wash.