January 2010: The Construction Outlook


We are sure to see an overall enforcement campaign that addresses ergonomics and more....

Leading construction experts and economists agree that the economy is emerging from its deepest...

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| January 2010
Officials from EDP and EDP Renewables, a generator of wind energy, announced that the company intends to devote approximately $4 billion through 2012 to building new wind farm

| January 2010
For the development of offshore wind power, the road to market competitiveness and wholesale production of electrical power has been paved with controversy.

| January 2010
Who: Sun River Electric Service Inc., Kennewick, Wash.

| January 2010
In the old days, it was the annoying 60-second, high-frequency beeping sound we had to endure on our radio and television sets, followed by the reassurance, “This is only a te

| January 2010
When pundits offer statistics in support of their opinions, it is hard to know whether to trust the numbers; economics and finance are difficult enough to navigate without su