January 2010: The Construction Outlook


We are sure to see an overall enforcement campaign that addresses ergonomics and more....

Leading construction experts and economists agree that the economy is emerging from its deepest...

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| January 2010
Virginians are saving about 1 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity through Dominion Virginia Power’s compact- fluorescent lamp (CFL) instant discount program.

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| January 2010
Article 220 of the National Electrical Code (NEC) provides requirements for calculating branch-circuit, service and feeder loads.

| January 2010
Recently on a cross-country flight, I noticed the incredible number of alternative power sources that are in the process of being installed or have already been installed and

| January 2010
National Fire protection Association (NFPA) 70B (Recommended Practice for Electrical Equipment Maintenance) contains the requirements to perform frequency inspections and eva

| January 2010
Thanks for your great responses to our new Code FAQs column!