Integrated Systems December Issue 2007


The US Patent and Trademark Office headquarters (USPTO) in Alexandria, Virginia, received a citation...

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| December 2007
Surrounded by park land, historic landmarks and dramatic views of downtown, the new Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Mo., is yet another sign of the region’s renaissance.

| December 2007
Retail and theft go together like oil and vinegar: They are inherently paired, but they don’t mix well.

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| December 2007
Louisville is known for a lot of things associated with southern hospitality—the Kentucky Derby, bourbon and bluegrass music.

| December 2007
Identity theft is a serious problem that can damage consumers’ financial history and personal reputation, and it can take years to unravel. The number of U.S.

| December 2007
The financial community probably exemplifies the digital economy more than any other indus-try.