February Issue 2009


On April 14, 1865, President Abraham Lincoln was shot during a performance at Ford’s...

In last month's column, we explored the sentiment common to supervisors and managers


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| February 2009
Building owners interested in entertaining a lighting upgrade proposal often are interested in an energy-saving retrofit, but they may actually need a redesign that saves ene

| February 2009
When installing recessed fixtures, carefully consider the location of the units.

| February 2009
Guarantee Electrical, St. Louis, completed electrical work on kitchen remodels at four elementary schools in the St. Louis-based Ladue School District.

| February 2009
The great thing about managing demand is the same strategies that reduce an electric bill by shaving demand peaks will enable a customer to develop control strategies to redu

| February 2009
The University of Missouri-St Louis and pharmacy benefit manager Express Scripts Inc.