February Issue 2008


It's hard to imagine what Newark, NJ, looked like in the 1960s, when race...

In the quest for competitiveness in mainstream energy markets, higher costs continue to be...

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| February 2008
Even as structures age, tenants expect up-to-date building automation, lighting controls, security and voice/data information.

| February 2008
In the name of cost-cutting—and even customer service—many companies hide behind automated phone attendants, do not train their employees, use Web sites without live customer

| February 2008
I know I have said enough about industry standards, so this will not be another column on that topic.

| February 2008
New advances in technology. Changes in personnel and new deployment needs of a company’s human resources.

| February 2008
According to a study by the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the number of cities boasting green building initiatives surged by 418 percent, from 22 cities to 92 cities