February 2015: Renaissance Renovation


Simply stated, the Sistine Chapel is a really big room with many remarkable paintings, but...

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is gearing up for some aggressive policy goals...

“Space matters” is the new mantra as the office concept undergoes some radical rethinking. Today,...

Green building trends have affected nearly every sector of the construction and renovation market, and...

According to “The Federal Commitment to Green Building: Experiences and Expectations” report from the Department...

Southwire WIMpull CoilPAK cart

For years, wire supplies have been rolled around in drums for storage, shipping and transporting...

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| February 2015
On a daily basis, we hear sounds and noise in our environment from a variety of sources, such as television, radio, household appliances and traffic.

| February 2015
The effects of the Great Recession have been far-reaching, and it left many construction companies scrambling to pick up the pieces.

| February 2015
Imagine an energy source buried thousands of feet below us that can best be accessed by sending highly pressurized fluid to open fissures in underground rock.

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| February 2015
There have been countless changes, both in the electrical industry and in the National Electrical Code (NEC), since the first edition in 1897.

| February 2015
“Dark fiber” is a term often heard in conversations about fiber optic communications. Perhaps this is because it has a name that sounds evil or nefarious.