February 2014: Net-Zero


Improving the efficiency of our nation’s buildings certainly isn’t a new goal.

Chicago's historic Palmer House Hilton is the nation's longest continuously operating hotel.

Renovations play a critical role in the long-term, strategic planning of single and chain hotel prop

For millennia, charlatans have claimed to see the future.

This article returns to the topic of my December 2013 column, which dealt with some of the changes t

Electrical contractors (ECs) know that, first and foremost, the removal of abandoned cable is a Nati

The most important renewable-energy source in the United States is most frequently overlooked.

Linear LED lighting is finding its way into classroom settings and offices.

With an urgent demand for energy efficiency, lighting continues to stake its claim as a solution.

Greenlee fish tape

The purpose of a fish tape hasn’t changed over time.

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February 2014
Building intelligence provider WegoWise recently announced that utility bills for inefficient buildings can cost up to eight times more than bills for efficient buildings.
February 2014
For millennia, charlatans have claimed to see the future. Of course, the future is unknown, but is it as big a mystery as we think? READ MORE
February 2014
So much is happening in the realms of power generation, electronics and technology, it’s easy to overlook that many of these changes don’t always touch the average consumer. READ MORE
February 2014
My December column covered the development of copper cabling standards through the 1990s and the emergence of optical fiber as an alternative due to its higher bandwidth and d READ MORE
February 2014
It’s well-known in the recent history of transformative technology that many innovations first came as military breakthroughs. READ MORE


February 2014