December Issue 2009


The whole world is going green. Businesses and consumers are implementing green strategies, and...

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| December 2009
The green revolution and America’s economic recovery are indelibly intertwined. Doubters of this connection need only check the latest headlines.

| December 2009
The problem when dealing with technology is that it is always changing.

| December 2009
George W Flach wrote the Code Q&A column For roughly 40 years; regular readers are likely used to a certain format and style could not and did not wish to replicate.

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| December 2009
The National Electrical Code (NEC) contains an introduction, nine chapters and eight annexes; Article 90 is the introduction to the NEC, and it includes specifications that a

| December 2009
As electrical power becomes more expensive, people focus on better methods of conserving it and reducing monthly electric utility bills.