December Issue 2007


On Sunday night, October 21, 2007, at about 7 pm, Tom Hedges could see...

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| December 2007
Not too long ago, electrical contracting firms only had to meet National Electrical Code (NEC) requirements and project plans and specifications when installing lighting syst

| December 2007
There has been a substantial controversy raging throughout the electrical industry for a considerable time now, and hopefully, changes made for the 2008 National Electrical Co

| December 2007
This fall, the University of Tennessee (UT) board of trustees announced a business partnership with Massachusetts-based Mascoma Corp.

| December 2007
For years, renewable power industries, such as solar and wind, have struggled to become competitive with traditional sources of power.

| December 2007
Athletes might say that when it comes to stadium lighting, they just want to be able to see the ball in play; most spectators probably feel the same.