December Issue 2007


On Sunday night, October 21, 2007, at about 7 pm, Tom Hedges could see...

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| December 2007
Article 100—Definitions; Article 210—Branch Circuits; Article 250—Grounding and Bonding; Article 334—Nonmetallic-Sheathed Cable: Types NM, NMC, and NMS; Article 404—Switches;

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| December 2007
With 40-hour-plus work weeks the norm and no signs of that trend reversing, seeing well in the office at any time of day or night is necessary to get the job done.

| December 2007
Wireless lighting controls are finding their own niche, especially in institutional and educational settings, because of the many advantages they offer.

| December 2007
Security+Life Safety Systems (S+LSS) magazine has named Ed Brown its new managing editor; a senior electrical engineer, Brown was most recently the managing editor of necdiges

| December 2007
Should an electrical contractor hire a lighting designer? It depends on whom you ask.