December 2014: Lighting Special Report


Lutron’s Maestro Wireless technology also is geared toward both the residential and commercial markets.

While wire and electric power delivery will remain a constant, the marriage between the two...

The fountains and walkways of the healing garden are illuminated by LEDs.

In the healthcare-lighting arena, the improvements and increasing affordability of light-emitting diode (LED) products, along...

Roughly 70 million U.S. street and roadway lighting fixtures—estimated to be a $200–300 million market—represent...

Construction work often must be done in areas without power and, therefore, without adequate light....

A large majority of commercial building energy codes in the United States are based on...

Megger MIT series insulation testers

Every home, business and industrial facility contains electrical wires that bring in and distribute power...

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| December 2014
Starting next month, the presidency of NECA—and this column—will be in the very capable hands of David Hardt, president of Hardt Electric in Chicago.

| December 2014
In 2013, there were 796 on-the-job fatalities in the construction industry, 294 of which were caused by falls.

| December 2014
Evaluating the cost-
effectiveness of renewable power has always been a fairly simple calculation.

| December 2014
Mobile lighting systems powered by hydrogen fuel cells are cleaner and quieter and now have a proven track-record in applications like nighttime construction, sports and enter

| December 2014
The political debate over net neutrality rages on with millions of people who have differing vested interests in the future of Internet connectivity in the United States.